Help Kids Have Fun Despite Diabetes

I read a funny quote today. As you can see from the blog I love quotes. It said, “I have diabetes, what’s your excuses?” LOL


Here is another one, “got insulin?” LOL


I just thought I would start this post off with a couple of lame jokes like that. To get you in the right mood. Most of the time when people are mentioning diabetes it is all dark and dreary talk. We don’t want to go that route.


Instead I want to tell you what you can do to make diabetes fun for the kids. And then I am going to tell you how to reverse or eliminate the problem. How would you like that? Kids lives would be a lot more enjoyable if they didn’t even have diabetes.


Until it is overcome though, let me share some great tips that parents can use to ease the burden.


I know it is not something people think is supposed to be fun. But I believe that in regards to children living with this condition (or any other debilitating condition) that we as adults should try to make their lives as normal and fun as we possibly can for them. After all, you only have one childhood in this life. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Child With Diabetes Playing

Let them be free and happy.


I have many fond memories of my childhood and all the fun things I did as a kid. I wish all kids could live a happy healthy life.


But with diabetes children have to deal with some pretty nasty things. No one likes having fingers pricked day in and day out. We can do things to ease that pain a little and offer something to distract their mind away from that.


So tip number 1:   Every time the child has to prick the finger reward them with something they love. This will distract them.


Whatever it is that your child loves, give it to them at that time. Whether it is a favorite snack, a movie they wanted see, a video game they want to play, or a toy they love. There are many choices you could use as a reward.


Tip number 2:   Let them go to a diabetes camp for kids during the summer! Trust me they will love it. And for once they will feel that diabetes actually caused something good in their lives.


They will see that a lot of other kids did not get to go to summer camp,

Summer Fun


Then they will realize they are just a little bit more special. They will know it is because of the diabetes that they were able to go. .


It will be something they will never forget for the rest of their lives.


If you are worried about the cost, financial assistance can be obtained in many cases. To find out more about these camps visit the American Diabetes Association website for more information.


That brings us to tip number 3:   Find other kids who have diabetes and introduce them to your children.


So this is where the summer camp and this tip go hand in hand. The kids will find it much easier to deal with the disease when they can confide with other children just like them. They won’t feel so alone and will be able to make friends with others kids who understand what they are going through.

Now this brings me to the second point I wanted to cover in this article. And that is how to reverse diabetes permanently for both you and your children. I have a video I want you to watch about that. I will post it here. Also you can go to the page for the review on how to do it. That way you can comment on the video if you want. See how to turn your diabetes around.


You see I am not all about doom and gloom. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that is what we like to focus on here at Mind the Zap! All positive vibes and good vibrations. If keep your mind on that track, it is amazing what you can accomplish and attract into your life.


We are here to assist you in doing that.



Music Influences Your Perception about Time


We all want a little piece and quiet in our lives, but constant noise bombardments from the world around, have been a challenging problem that we confront every day. Little do we know that these problems can have an interesting effect on an individual.

There are numerous ways to use music to your benefit. The most prevailing method is the one used by major companies to put you on hold. The music they play in the background is not played just because companies want you to hear the newest hits, they play the music because of its ability to pass the waiting time.

They think you won’t be affected by your anger if you hear the soothing sound of their music, making it less likely for you to hang up in rage. You will notice this music everywhere you go, either you go to the doctor’s office or to the bank; you will notice great music playing around you.

Retail stores are also a fan of soothing music, it is seldom known that malls, clothing stores or supermarkets have a variety of songs that influences your shopping spree.

How does this work exactly?

Let’s try a theoretical approach to understand why exactly music influences our perception to the passing time. Well first let’s transform the human brain into a starving white lion eating a bag of dollars, second let’s try to distract the lion with a few zookeepers that are throwing food, objects, even shout or yell at him. The lion won’t be impressed by their attempts and will utterly deny any small distraction, but that thing that will influence him will be another zookeeper who just snuck up on him and got the money from under the lion’s claws, while he was still deciding what to eat.

As we process the information above, we notice that when our brain is regularly distracted, it’s less likely to notice things around us in more details, and that includes the passage of time. Our brain has a limited instruction capacity, and when that capacity is maxed out, we block a lot of things like, “I’ve been standing in line to get a G.R. Martin autograph for more than five hours” or “Do I really need this Pokémon cup holder?”

These are great things to know, but it also gives us an insight of the opposite possibilities. We found out that in diverse situations, listening to music can also expand the perceived amount of time. For example, we know that listening to music while we carry out difficult concentrating tasks; our brain will usually overestimate the amount of time that flew by. This theory makes your mind switch back and forth between music perception and concentration on the task at hand, allowing separate “events”, or distinct memories to form, which will confuse the brain in thinking that these events took place in let’s say about two hours, when actually 30 minutes had pass.   moon

This confusion is similar to the situation when we are listening to music we dislike. Also, our minds can be very interesting, making us remember a whole song and playing it in our heads, as we only hear the opening chords from a song that we like.

Take advice from Top Gun Productions Chicago DJ Company and listen to your own music, and form your own tolerance to misguided songs.

Also, make sure to read our interesting upcoming articles, it will worth your time.



Melting Steel Is Cool

I was surfing around the internet and found a great article, about a person who constructed a car from scrap metal and old stainless steel window frames, and I thought to myself, what kind of crazy welding projects can be out there?

This could be you.

This could be you.

After another search, I also found something that blew my mind. A giant giraffe, about 20 feet tall, was standing in an Indian guy’s back yard, all shined up and ready for a photo shoot.

So I was thinking how fun welding can be.

Imagine having an entire back yard complete with comic book heroes, giant animals or fancy cars! No really I am not crazy. LOL That is what you call a fun house.

But this is just the beginning for this incredible hobby. Imagine all those bright sparks flying and how amazing it looks. The crackling noise of melting steel fusing together. It is music to my ears.

People tend to do things out of passion. So combine that with having a lot of time on your hands and you can create the most amazing stuff ever.

However is welding difficult?

Of course not…

I mean sure you have to spend some quality time practicing. With the proper guidance, you can be a great welder in no time.

Just start with something easy, like building a shop stool.

This do it yourself beginner stool, has no need for complex materials. You only need  square pieces of steel that you can use as a seat, and some iron brackets for the legs.

If you don’t want to buy these things you can always use old stuff you find at home or the junk yard. For example, if you have a steel counter stuffed away in your attic, you can use its door for the seat, and if you have some burglar guards lying around, they can be of great use for the leggings.

But how far can this skill take you?

Well think about having an army of metal soldiers guarding your house, or a fake Lamborghini standing in front of your garage door for your neighbors to see.

There are a lot of possibilities and I imagine. You can go beyond limits with this incredible talent.

Creating useful stuff is the best thing you can do with a welding hobby. Have you thought  about installing steel window frames or steel burglar bars? Well now you can get those practically for free instead of paying thousands?

You only need some steel rods, some safety equipment, a YouTube video, and great inspiration. With that you are more than halfway there with these projects. They are simple, beautiful  for your home, useful, and easy to do once you know how to weld.

After looking at article, after article (since I found welding unbelievably awesome), I located the most extraordinary thing ever. But I will leave you guessing at that because looking for projects to do is half the fun. Happy hunting and welding.

Have You Ever Thought Of Playing World of Warcraft?

First up is something super-duper fun! Who like video games? I raise my hand. For all you haters, well, you just don’t know what you are missing.

Imagine being sucked into an exciting fantasy world with all kinds of amazing characters that you could have never even imagine existed before. But as you suddenly magically appeared there you find you are no longer you but some strange alien or monster who is powerful and large.

Imagine finding insane looking beasts that let you tame them, and then you ride on top of them. You wander and fly though this strange and amazing alien world, only to find you are lost and groping around aimlessly in a dangerous environment. You need money, you need tools, and you need skills, to get yourself through this. You have to find allies, other wanders who are just like you. Role players who need get to where they need to go.

Welcome to War of Warcraft virtual reality role playing game. You’re telling me that does not sound fun to you? In that case I don’t know what to tell you. But to me it is a blast. I could play this came all day long, 7 days a week, and never get tired of it. If you want to know all about this game click here.

Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t play it anywhere near that much because I am so busy doing other fun and exciting things in the real world too. But this game is such a blast to play. If you have some free time I would highly recommend it.

The more you play it the more fun it gets because you start to know your way around the place. You learn where to get tools, transportation, money, and where to learn skills. But all this takes a lot of time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find some kind of short cut and skip all the hard work and wandering around aimlessly? Well I have great news for you. The main reason I wrote this article is because I found a great website that has lots of free tips and information on the game. Even better they show you how to get a piece of software that you install into the game which will guide you step by step through every aspect of the game. I want you to check it out.


I will post three links to three different pages on the site to some good info about different guides. The first one is for mining guides for WOW. The second page is for WOW mounts. Those are what you use to ride on the beasts. And the third one is for a WOW Pets.

All the info on that site is killer. They even have a page where you can find out about other games like World of Warcraft. And one more that tells you the system requirements and the best setting to use.

You can even get a free e-book if you enter your email. I would highly recommend you check out he Zygor guides they link to on the site. By far the best guides you will ever find.

Make sure you check back for more great articles to give you tips and tricks on the best ways to entertain yourself.